Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Pinch Punch, First Day of the Month!

'and if you don't like that, then send it right back'

Woa, a lot of pictures. :)

Happy 1st of December! Yeah, there should be a greeting like that at the beginning of every month. Oh yeah, advent starts today as well. Ahh, Christmasy mood. :) But it's also freezing! : If only I lived in California, where Christmas would be warm-ish there. But, I do like a bit of snow. Haha.

So today, a whole load of my pet peeves came into play. Gah!

Basically, when I got home from school there were these two girls walking past my house, like shouting seriously loud about some guy they thought was hot. But yeah, that's not what annoyed me. It was the fact they had caked their faces in foundation and looked like Barbie...but also, wait for it...they'd covered their LIPS in foundation. I don't mind some foundation to cover the blemishes and that...but your lips?! Why lips?!
And another thing was in school where people automatically assume that you're a chav. I hate it when people label people before knowing anything about them. Anyway, a chav is someone who lives in a council house and is violent - not someone who wears Uggs or something. :) But yeah, I can put up with that little pet peeve because it always happens.
And lastly, today in form little Shamim was talking about one of my closest friends like he knows what she's going through! Urgh, seriously, he has no idea. "Shamim, not my friend. Shamim not my friend" Haha.
And to add to this little rant about annoyances...neon tutus! Even though I haven't seen anyone wearing one today, but I thought I might as well rant about it while I'm at it. Lol. Why on earth do people wear them?! They think they're being original...but really you're just like anyone else.
Calm, Zara...calm. o.0

Anyway, aside from a good ol' rant. Today...what good things happened today?

Maths - not a lot. English - nothing : Double I.T - not much. Science - aha! Katherine told me about some disgusting video she watched sometime ago..I shan't talk about it on here, it'll probably scar you. But that was all I had in my mind through Geography. Urgh. : Change the subject...lunch..what happened at lunch? Ah, Sophie's somehow relates to some people involved in the Gun Powder Plot...arranging Guildford this weekend and erm...general banter which I can't remember. Haha, I haven't used the word banter in ages. :)

I shall leave you. :)

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