Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Cor, Dads..

Basically, I was minding my own business in my room on msn and my dad comes in like "have you done your homework?" and "you're not on msn are you!?". Seriously, come on! I've done some of my homework. :) Pft.

Anyway - I've spent a lot of time since I got home from school looking at really cool pictures on random websites. I was also planning what to wear on Saturday...yeah I plan my outfits like ages before. Actually, I had this dream a couple of weeks ago and I was wearing this really cute outfit, so I was trying to get an outfit like that together. Haha. I'll post what I'll be wearing on Friday or something.

So what happened today? ...I actually can't remember. Ha.

Oh yeah..Double Science, not a lot happened. Then I had Maths - urgh - and then Pace. Where we had Spud Man(Mr Van Rein haha), who let us have a free lesson. And at the end of it he was just like "so what are you going to tell Mrs Lonsdale next week?" haha. I love that dude. At lunch, we planned what we were doing over the Christmas Holidays and then the wet break bell went off. And our form was bombarded with year eights...there were loads of them, seriously. They started play fighting - it was pretty funny actually. After that filled lunch I had German with Miss Pengelly. She's pretty useless. We had a lot of different teachers today because of the Year 7 Citizenship Day. And then after that I had Food Tech. It was theory and we were learning about eggs. Woo. :

I then walked home with Vanessa and Deanna, and half way home it started to pour down with rain. So I got out my umbrella, and it turns out it was broken because the handle had fallen off. Typical. So I got home drenched. Yay.

But on the plus side - I can't wait until the weekend. :)

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