Monday, 7 December 2009

It's Here!

'and it sounds like yo' favourite song playin' on the radio, can't get enough of me'

Yep, that lyric at the top is by Chris Brown...from his new album, which was released today. :D

I didn't update at all over the weekend as I had a pretty busy weekend.

Friday: I went to Sophie's for Traditional Friday Night Gathering with Tegan, Sophie and Kate.

Saturday: Went to Guildford with Sophie, Kate, Jess, Tegan and Erin for some Christmas shopping. We went for lunch in the food court and Sophie found something pretty shocking about an old friend... We then split off into two groups so we could get more shopping done. It was Sophie, Kate and I and then Jess, Tegan and Erin. I got my Dad's and Brother's presents done and got myself a top. And some other stuff - but I can't remember what. But I couldn't find my mum's present, so I guess I'll have to take a trip to Basingstoke sometime soon because I know that have it. We then met up with everyone and spoke to this random Sky salesman from New Zealand. He was pretty awesome. Afterwards, Kate and I carried on with shopping while the rest of the girls went to Krispy Cream. Once I got home, I watched X-Factor. And Danyl stupidly went out, I wanted him to win!

Sunday: I got a lie in before my dad came in and turned my radio on full blast. Once I was up, out of bed, showered and dressed I started on some homework, and soon got distracted by Facebook and Msn. I then realised that I had my German orals the next day, so I done some revision for that. Then before I knew it, it was 5 o'clock...and my cousins were meant to come over for some planning of some party. But they didn't turn up till 8! Corr. When they, eventually, came we had dinner, talked and done things you normally do... They didn't leave till midnight because they didn't have school the next day, but my brother and I did. And hence, I was very tired today. People these days, 'ey?! Haha.

And today: No assembly this morning which gave me time to revise a bit of German. Then I had English, I missed some of it due to my German exam...which actually went okay. I hope I've done well, I didn't really understand the mystery question though :S. But oh well. After that I had English where Mr Hill done some kind of experiment so I sat with Katherine and Kate for most the lesson. After break, I had Double Food Tech with Sophie. And I made my upside down pineapple cake - which actually tastes really nice, if I do say so myself - although I did burn my self again. Then it was lunch, where there was Green Group. We're getting badges(...hmm). But we do get to miss some school so we can do some litter picking with some little kids in junior school. After lunch I had I.T and Maths - which as per was nothing special.

I got home and my mum had got me Chris Brown's new album, Graffiti, (!!!). How I love my mum. :) I've listened to it since I've got home, it's awesome. :D Cor, can't wait till he tours. Better not be between 14th February and 21st February though. :)

Bye. :)

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  1. oh God no - not the GOLDEN DATES!
    I wish you would say 'did' sometimes :) xx