Friday, 4 December 2009

3 Days.

'all that don't kill me, can only make me stronger'


I didn't post anything yesterday and I was ill. Every time I got up I felt like I was going to faint - it was pretty odd. And now I'm fine. :) Except the occasional stomach ache after eating something...I'm sure I'll live.

I haven't taken a picture of my outfit for tomorrow, but I shall take one later and post it..

Ooh, Michael Jackson just came on the music channels. Argh, makes me miss Ruby even more. I can't really say where she is - but I can say that I miss her loads. I had this dream about her the other day and it actually made me cry. But my friends and I are all doing this little project, actually two, for her for Christmas. :) what happened today. Erm...English, Science, Double German. Argh, speaking of German, I have my German Orals on Monday...Great. : Anyway...after that was lunch, where I realised that Sophie has some kind of spasm whenever she laughs hard and we discovered that Jess is going to bring her Sat-Nav to Guildford so she doesn't get lost. Haha. ...Not really. :) After lunch, I had Maths and then I.T. Boring really. I then walked home with Sophie, Vanessa, Emily and Deanna and had a long conversation about teachers...shame about the stories made of lies though. Haha - how I love Emily. :)

I saw this cute picture on Erin's blog yesterday, so I'm thinking of doing my hair like it tonight or tomorrow...hmm? I'll try it out and see how it looks. It's like the naturally wavy and stuff with some of the hair in a bun at the back...if you know what I mean?

Oh yes, as for the title of this post, which I was meaning to explain but I forgot, it's 3 days until Chris Brown's new album comes out. You'll probably soon realise that I'm slightly obsessed with him. :) ...But have you seen his face. Just don't think about the one bad thing he has done - no one's perfect. He's a lovely guy who just had a couple of anger issues. :) But yeah, of course I don't agree with what he done. ...Anyway, Zara hush up.


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  1. Aha, bring Chris Brown in. ;) Lucky for some it's out in England before America. Pft.
    Love the pictures. And the blog in general of course.
    Loves - xx