Saturday, 28 November 2009

Morning Music.

'so, where do we go with all this fear in our eyes'

Good Morning. :)

I woke up seriously early for a Saturday today; 9.10. Usually I'm up at 11ish on a Saturday. I woke up so early because my brother's alarm went of and he didn't even wake up to turn it of or anything! It happens everyday, it's so annoying!

I didn't do much last night - it was pretty boring. We didn't have Traditional Friday Night Gathering, but there's sort of a reason why. And I didn't go out anywhere. But I did spend two hours on the phone with Dwayne and then Charlie. :) They're my London buds from where I used to live. ;)

So, today I'm trying to find something to - but everyone is busy as Sophie's got Future Chef competition, and I text her at 7ish this morning to wish her luck. Kate and Emily are off to see New Moon, I don't know what Tegan's doing... But yeah.

But I can't go out for too long anyway, because I'm babysitting later. I'm not looking forward to it. :\ Lol, but it'll get me some money for Florida or money to spend on Christmas presents.

I'm watching 'Behind the Music: T.I' because I'm cool. It's pretty good actually. T.I's like hot. :) But it's making me want an American accent even more. Yeah, you'll probably get to realise that I seriously want to live in American and have an American accent.

Zara, x

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  1. OFF IS SPELT WITH TWO Fs!! but yeah lovin' the pics man! xx