Friday, 27 November 2009

Guten Tag.

Basically, I deleted my old blog because I didn't really like it, I hadn't updated it in ages and it wouldn't let me post anything! So, I just made a new one. I was in the mood for blogging - so here we are. :)

I don't really know what to write for a first blog - So I'm just going to write what I'd usually write. Ooh yeah. :)

So today:
Today is Friday, and the day started with erm...English. But Tegan and I stopped of at Pastoral on the way there and started the debate about Opal Fruits - Basically, we have a quiz every Thursday in form. And last week the quiz was to guess different sweets/chocolates from some clues, and one of the answers where Opal Fruits which are now Starbursts. So technically they don't exist anymore. So we decided to have a little debate about it. But, then, the fire alarm went of. So instead of debating, we stood outside in our forms in alphabetical order in the freezing, cold. Joy. After what was left of English, I had Science. Which contained the usual laughs. Then after break I had double German with Kate and Emily. We got our oral exam times - and mine is at 9:40am. Wahoo. :\

Then it was lunch where, of course, we had our usual laughs. Sophie decided to drop a segment of orange on me thinking I was her lunchbox. And we talked about I'm a Celeb, but I forgot Katherine and Tegan don't watch it, and then kind of felt bad afterwards. But of course, that Jimmy has to go tonight! He's a "fat lemon that just sits there!" Haha.

After lunch was Maths then I.T. In I.T the class got separated, and my half got on with the AS work rather than the Functional Skills stuff. And Kate, Katherine and I all had our turns to get annoyed with the computers because our logos didn't save onto out websites or we just has to the tedious job of making the hyperlinks. Yay. And then I walked home in the cold.

When I got home I had an argument with my mum and now it's nice and awkward while I'm sitting in the living room watching Eastenders with her sitting on the other side hardly talking to me. Great.

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  1. I agree, I hate it when I have an argument with my mum and it's really awkward. :\ haha.
    I love your blog. :D x