Sunday, 29 November 2009

babysitting and cousins galore. :\

'a man that aint afraid to cry is a man that aint afraid to die'

I'm still so tired, and I got out of bed at 11. My theory is, too much sleep makes you more tired. I got home from babysitting at 2 this morning so I did have a reason for sleeping in. And babysitting last night was pretty damn long. Seven hours. At first it was alright because I was helping the two girls I was looking after make this sculpture thing, and then we watched X-Factor. After that we watched the beginning of I'm A Celeb and then the youngest one had to go to bed. And soon after the other one went to sleep. And that's when it became seriously boring. I had four hours of boredom. Not much comes on TV after 11:30. So I got on with some Science homework and watched a replay of Never Mind The Buzzcocks - aah so funny. :) And then the girls' parents came home and I got my 40 squid.

Today I'm stuck at home doing homework and stuff. But I might need to walk up to Morrisons to get my ingredients for Food Tech tomorrow. We're making fat-free Swiss roll. Yum. :)

About an hour ago my cousins came over unexpectedly. And I was still in my pajamas, so I rushed upstairs to get changed. I went down to say hello, like a nice girl lol. And then played with one of my cousins on the Wii. But it gets a bit boring because he's too good and cries if he does anything slightly naughty, so it's a bit boring. Haha. But my other cousin, Luke, is the naughty one but he's asleep. :\ Aah well.

I'm hungry as I haven't eaten all day. So, I'm going to get some food. :) Bye.

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  1. ahh, 40 squids?! no way! wait... I mean... 40 WONGA! haha, how'd you land that jobarius then? x